Trixi has matured into a fine lady with an aristocratic flair. She is a credit to her breed. Her nickname is Hussein Bolt – she runs like the wind, just like him. Trixi is the kind of dog you can’t resist picking up and holding close to your heart, where she belongs.
Every time a visitor arrives at the door, Trixi is convinced it must be someone for her. Whether they are or not, everyone receives an enthusiastic Free State welcome and is made to feel at home. Trixi loves travelling, preferring to sit on an elevated seat so that she can look through the window.




Roxi, on the other hand, is a strong-muscled little dog and runs like Lynford Christie. She loves a game of “fetch”, chasing the ball at top speed and trying to stop it in mid air – a feat in which she often succeeds. Although Roxi is two years old already, she remains a baby. Kissing and cuddling and sleeping on your lap are her favourite past-times. Roxi too, is fond of travelling but prefers standing upright between the two front seats and has mastered the skill of leaning into the camber like a born racing driver.