An Introduction to The Crown Guesthouse

The Crown, a guesthouse on the outskirts of Bethlehem, is a unique oasis of culture and gracious living, with warm old-fashioned hospitality. It is the ideal base to further explore the many splendours of the eastern Free State. The Crown is situated on the N5 en-route to Clarens and Durban. Clarens is only 28km further down the road.

In the rooms, regal comfort awaits you; plush carpeting and air conditioning, snow white linen, stylish bathrooms complete with vanity tops, bath and showers. To add to the appeal, the suites are elegantly decorated with exquisite ethnic objects d’art, original paintings and striking black and white professional photographic studies.

Suites are privately accessed from the attractively landscaped garden, which also features works by various South African sculptors. The garden at The Crown is in more than one way a delight. The extensive recycling policy of The Crown ensures that the flowers beds and vegetable garden are well fertilized – the vegetable garden is 100% organic and currently being expanded to grow a greater variety.

Shrubs and trees planted are selected to encourage the birds, the bees and the butterflies to visit – their presence is the stamp of approval for the garden. Even the worms are looked after – the ideal environment has been created for them to eat, not sleep and multiply; every now and then their homes are cleaned and dried out – of course the vermiculture goes back into the garden.

A good garden ultimately results into a good kitchen. Food is prepared with the best of ingredients only; many of the jellies and jams, saltsa’s and pesto’s, are not only made in the kitchen, but the ingredients are mostly from the garden. The Crown has become known for its early morning rusks – the guests are only served with the best. In addition – signature breakfasts and gourmet dinners served, fit for a king and queen.






And there are of course Trixi and Roxi to welcome you on arrival – they are overjoyed to meet you at the door, and always sad to see you go. But, they know you will return, as most of the guests do.

We look forward to welcome you at The Crown and as Richard Hovey once said:

For’t is always fair weather

When good fellows get together

With a stein on the table

and a good song ringing clear.


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